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Thank you for allowing me to serve you and the beautiful community we live in.  As we look forward to the future of Tallulah Falls, it is imperative Tallulah Falls residents are informed of major projects being undertaken and how we are providing the necessary funding to support these projects.

Please be advised the Town is currently working on its’ infrastructure for water operations to prepare for our successful future.  Specifically, during the last City Council meeting on September 7, 2017, the Council unanimously approved hiring Rindt-McDuff Associates (RMA) to provide engineering support of two projects concerning the Tallulah Falls Water System.

Project 1 is to evaluate the existing water system at a cost of $22,500.  As part of this project, RMA will:

  • Determine the adequacy of the quantity and quality of delivered water for ALL town residents.
  • Iron and manganese removal capability and alternative removal options.
  • Projected future water needs.
  • Pressures and flow options for the Hickory Nut Mountain sub-system including a storage tank on the mountain.
  • Evaluation of the condition and adequacy of the existing storage capacity related to the existing 37 year old poured concrete ground-level reservoir.
  • Consideration of a different storage reservoir at a different location, capacity and elevation.
  • Pipe sizes and system pressures as related to the adequacy of fire flow delivery.
  • Expected useful life of the system components, including pipes, meters, wells, and storage reservoir.
  • Other materials including drawings, maps, reports, and recommendations.


Project 2 is to provide support of the Tallulah Falls Water Withdrawal Permit Application at a cost not to exceed $25,000.  As part of this project, RMA will provide:

  • Engineering support to complete a water withdrawal application as required by the Georgia Surface Water Allocation Act.
  • Engineering services to justify water withdrawal including prospective users and downstream impacts.

The cost of both projects will be paid from SPLOST funds approved specifically for water projects.  These funds are readily available for use in providing the much needed infrastructure for all of our residents.

I would like to personally encourage you to attend our monthly Council meetings to learn and participate in these types of important decisions.  And, as always, if you prefer to reach out to me one-on-one, I can be reached by telephone at 706.949.5478 or email at tdobbs@tallulahfallsga.gov.

Your thoughts and comments are important to us.




Teri Dobbs, Mayor

Town of Tallulah Falls